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With over 27 years experience, I can help you with
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Are you looking for a Certified Public Accountant that offers a full array of accounting, taxation, financial, and consulting services? Then look no further. Martin Lowe, CPA offers top-notch credentials and experience. From Individuals to Start-up companies to corporations I can assist you with your accounting and tax requirements.

I currently serve a mixture of clients who are business owners, Silicon Valley professionals, and high net worth individuals. If you are looking for a CPA who can help you think and act strategically to make intelligent personal tax and business decisions year-round please contact me.

My firm uses professional tax software and state of the art on-line research tools. These tools, along with my education and experience, allow me to offer you the superior professional services you expect, at a fair and equitable price, and on a timely basis. I offer free e-filing for both federal and state individual tax returns. Saturday appointments are gladly accepted.

Call me today at (408) 879-9469 to see how I can be of assistance to you. If you wish to be added to my quarterly newsletter please email me with your name and address.


Martin Lowe, CPA

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